Interpreter Request


Our company has a large number of national interpreter guides, so we can dispatch both simultaneous and consecutive interpreters.  
Interpreter dispatch differs greatly from guide dispatch. Interpretation may be for business meetings, international events, or cultural experiences, and the fields of interpretation may be fashion, mechanics, history, culture, medicine, and so on. The more technical the terminology used, the more interpreters need to be dispatched to handle it.  
We have a large number of interpreter guides in Japan, so we can provide a wide range of interpretation services, from highly specialized to casual.
Please contact us for more details from the Application form.

Interpreter Dispatch Fees

Conditions for dispatch of interpreters  
Please let us know the number of interpreters you require. For consecutive interpretation, we can dispatch one interpreter, but for simultaneous interpretation, we will dispatch two interpreters per group. If you are unsure, please contact us.

After the case is confirmed, please be sure to provide us with the necessary information for interpretation in advance, including details of the meeting and materials required for interpretation. Please understand that if we do not receive this information, we will not be able to provide appropriate interpretation services.
If any of the above information is highly confidential, we will take careful measures to ensure that it is not leaked or divulged to any third party.

Regarding the venue where the interpreter is dispatched, we will make separate arrangements for transportation to and from the interpreter's home. If the interpreter does not receive meals during working hours, we will charge the amount stipulated by our company.
If the interpreter accompanies the client outside of working hours, we will charge the interpreter for the cost of transportation. The time spent accompanying the interpreter will also be included in the quoted price since the interpreter is bound by time.
We will not be able to provide an interpreter if we are unable to provide an interpreter for the requested field of work.  
As for the cancellation policy, we will adopt our standard one.


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