True Japan Tourのガイドクオリティ


これらのガイドは、日本料理、茶道、華道、その他の文化的側面を専門とするバイリンガルの専門家です。 その上で、現状のスキルに満足することなく、定期的にプロレベルの講座を開催してスタッフやガイドの研修を継続し、よりレベルの高いプログラムの企画・提供を目指して日々努力を続けております。
日本最大級のガイド人材を擁し、語学や文化の専門家だけでなく、大学教授、システムエンジニア、会計士などもプログラムを運営しています。 当社は、数多くのVIPやMICE(ミーティング、インセンティブ、カンファレンス、展示会)イベントを手掛け、豊富な人材と経験、優れた実績を持っております。





Genuine Japanese Cultural Experience, Japanese Lifestyle and Mind-set

In order to get the essence and deeper understanding of Japanese culture, actual practice and hands-on experience are much more effective than just looking at.
Japanese cuisine cooking, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and suchlike. In addition to regular sightseeing tours, we provide many experimental style programs for our quests to have a genuine cultural experience. From the Metropolitan areas and Kansai areas, indeed in every corner of Japan, we offer a great variety of guided tours to satisfy myriad guests' requirements.
Also, we are now offering home visit style programs in order for a small group of guests to get actual experience in tea ceremony, kimono-wearing, and Japanese cooking.
As for guiding tours, rather than using DVDs or CDs, real human guides explain in their own words, thus enabling interactive communication. In this way, guests can get to know the true Japanese lifestyle and mind-set.

Flexible Offerings from the Single Guest to Big Groups

We offer flexible on-demand programs which are capable of satisfying requests from a small group of people. These programs are made possible by the Japan‘s largest membership of 1,260 guides and a unique human resources management system.This system enables our search for the right person in the right place, appropriate assignments, and quick response to a variety of requirements.